Published in the Journal of Nutrition.

In this collaborative study, researchers wanted to determine the concentration of NAD build-block vitamins (including NR) in samples of raw milk from individual cows and from commercially available cow milk. They also wanted to assess the stability of NR in raw and commercial milk.

The teams analyzed milk samples from 19 individual cows plus 8 skim milk samples (4 organic and 4 conventional). The researchers determined that NR comprises about 40% of the NAD building-block vitamins found in milk, and that conventional milk contains more NR than organic milk. In milk samples from individual cows, the presence of the bacteria S. Aureus (a common cause of inflamed udders) is associated with lower NR concentrations.

The researchers further concluded that milk’s ability to bind and preserve the integrity of NR makes dairy products potentially good sources to be supplemented with NR in the future.

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